I’m Published!

Well… kind of. This is the surprise I told you about yesterday. 🙂 I had the privilege of writing a guest blog post for a friend of mine!

Mrs. Joy McClain is an absolutely wonderful woman who I met my freshman year at my Homeschool Co-op. She was a teacher for the older classes and one of the sweetest women there. I discovered as time progressed that she was a writer! Sooo I sent her some of my compositions and she edited them for me and gave me advice. Just recently, she published a book titled Waiting For His Heart. I’ve not read it yet but I’ve heard soooooo many good things about it and it’s on my reading list.

Okay, so this awesome Christian famous woman asked me last week to write a blog post for her blog! What an opportunity! You can read it here. I am so honored to be her guest post this week and while writing it, I realized things about my life currently. But you’ll just have to read it and find out. 🙂

Well, tomorrow is Halloween so I think it’s time for a groovy Halloween song!

You are loved so stay happy!

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