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What We’re Eating

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! We did! In three days, we celebrated Thanksgiving, put up our Christmas tree (and all the other Christmas decorations), finished our gingerbread house and celebrated Christmas with the Watkins! Phew! This week is back to normal BUT I’ve been terribly blessed with leftovers from this past weekend so this week’s menu is pretty leisurely. 🙂

Monday: Tomato Soup and Pesto Tomato Grilled Cheese
Tuesday: Leftover Enchilada Casserole
Wednesday: Sliders and Fruit
Thursday: Cheesy Potato Fries and Salad
Friday: Babysitting some of my favoritest kids ever!

I’ll also be making peppermint cookies this week, using peppermint bark instead of chocolate chips. That should refill our cookie jar. 🙂

Remember, you are loved so stay happy!

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