Backwards and Forwards

Happy 2013! Didn’t think you’d make it did you. 😉 Here we are with an old year behind us and I spent a lot of time reminiscing since yesterday. I’ve made a list of some of my favorite memories and I thought I’d share some!

– Getting the perfect nanny job and getting to know Little Bird
– Exploring little book shops with Grandma
– Seeing Fiddler On The Roof on stage with Dearest Carl
– Seeing Les Miserables on stage with Becky and Ms. Marci
– Passing my math class
– Watching my little brother graduate from high school
– Apartment shopping with Dearest Carl
– Dancing around the living room at work with Little Bird
– Baking cakes with Jackie
– Wedding planning with my mom, Grandma and Aunt
– Hiking adventures with Dearest Carl
– Visiting Michigan friends and Chicago family
– Getting approved for our apartment
– Painting our apartment
– Getting to spend a few weeks living with my Grandparents
– Saying “I will.” to the love of my life
– Honeymooning in Gatlinburg
– Learning to cook for two people
– Adding Baby Bird to care for
– Lunching at Olive Garden with Jess
– Seeing the midnight premier of The Hobbit at the Imax
– Christmas… all of it
– Getting snow the day after Christmas
– Seeing the Les Miserables movie with my mom

I have been so very blessed this past year and I’ve collected so many memories that I’ll remember all my life. God is so very good to me! Now, I’m ready to look ahead. Yes, as everyone does, I have some goals for this year. And I’m calling them goals because the word “resolution” is too easily tossed aside. I hope that I can look back on this day next year and see that I actually made these changes. So, here they are:

– Nurturing friendships as well as my marriage.
– Eating less and making that less healthier.
– Doing something physical, whether it’s walking, bike riding or swing dancing. (Dearest Carl will have to help me with this one.)
– Keeping up a journal and writing more often.
– Keeping our home open and hospitable, ready for any surprise guests.
– Being more crafty in finding ways to do projects with what we have.
– Going on more adventures, spontaneous or planned!

Ah yes, I’m so excited about this new year and all the surprises it will bring! But all through those surprises just remember, you are loved so stay happy!

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