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Food Discoveries

Over the last six months, I have made several discoveries in the kitchen with inspiration from Pinterest and other food sites. Ingredients to add to recipes or things to switch up that make the dish just better! And I thought I’d be nice and share some of my secrets with you. 🙂

– Put coffee in brownies.
– Make quiche with crab.
– When baking chicken, cover pan with tin foil to keep it soft and moist.
– Instead of normal elbow macaroni, use tortellini in your homemade mac n’ cheese.
– Adding minced garlic to just about any soup makes it better.
– When making cupcakes, put an oreo on the bottom of the cup before baking.
– Add milk to scrambled eggs. (it makes them taste like my grandma’s!)
– Making hamburgers in the oven is easy and delicious.

Just a few things I’ve learned. 🙂 You are loved so stay happy!

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