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It’s been a while since I’ve posted about my wonderful life so I figured I’d give you a ramble today. 🙂 I’ve now been married about seven months and a week. Its kind of strange how it seems like its flown and yet, it seems like its been a long time too. But I really do have a wonderful husband who makes my life a fairy tale!

Our weeks roll along and may seem a little monotonous. Monday through Thursday, we both work, get home, eat dinner and sometimes watch a movie. Friday, he works, I do the grocery shopping and the laundry, we get home, eat dinner and stay up late for a pre-chosen feature presentation. Tuesday nights Dearest Carl has Bible Study with the guys so I usually end up having someone over or getting my chick flick or tea pot movie in for the week. 🙂

Our weekends have been really busy so far this year! Lots of bridal showers, birthday parties, Easter celebrations and babysitting to keep us out and about and weekend cooking to a minimum. And it should continue to be like that until May. But it’s all good stuff with awesome people!

Now that’s its getting warmer, I’m soooo excited about all the good stuff that’s coming! Dearest Carl and I have been on two bike rides and many more will occupy our evenings! I also can’t wait until May and our free weekends! I’m hoping for some hiking trips and Michigan visiting! You’ve heard already about our gardening dreams. 🙂 Along with our peppers and tomatoes, we’re thinking about trying cucumbers and our neighbor gave us some of his onions. So we should have quite a spread! 😀 I’ve also found some yummy summer salads and sandwiches that I can’t wait to try out! Oh, and warmer weather means iced tea season! 😀 That makes me quite happy. 🙂

Little Bird and Baby Bird are growing like weeds, as children will. 🙂 I’ve been working on potty training with Little Bird for the past few weeks so that’s been an adventure. Little Bird currently enjoys dancing around the living room, playing tea party with all her animals and coloring with markers. Baby Bird is still as smiley as ever. She watches everything big sister does and will give us that belly laugh if something Little Bird does is especially silly. Us three girls are excited to be able to go outside in the afternoon now and play in the backyard! Sprinkler time is in view! 🙂

Oh! Last week I finished my first book! Like an actual book! I’ve been working on a little devotional type book, full of my high school experiences and advice for my little sisters. My sister Maisy turns 13 this year and this book is her birthday present. Dearest Carl and I are going to get it printed like a real book and everything! I’m just a little excited. 😉

Well I think that’s all I have for you! Just a little peek into our daily lives on Sunshine Hill. 🙂 You are loved so stay happy!

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