My Mother

Yes, the lovely lady standing next to me in the picture above is my own mom! She’s just wonderful and if you don’t know her, I wish you did! She’s really a gift. Here are 10 things (out of a long long list!) she has taught me:

– Husbands are husbands. Respect them! Don’t treat them like children.
– Hospitality doesn’t have to be complicated. Good food and fresh flowers will produce good times just as much as a ten course dinner would!
– Sometimes its better to keep quiet, even if someone asks you to speak your mind.
– Concerning books, keep your mind open enough to find new good ones but closed enough to know which are the bad ones.
– Dusting is not always necessary.
– You don’t get to throw off modesty when you are married. You still have other wives’ husbands around you.
– Sick people need Sprite and Chicken Noodle Soup. If its you, add Pride and Prejudice.
– If you ask someone to do something, don’t get mad if they don’t do it correctly. If you need it done a certain way, do it yourself.
– One step at a time. Just do the first thing.
– When the world seems blackest, remember that God is sovereign. So chill!

You are loved by someone even more than your mom! So stay happy!

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