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How could I go on vacation and not tell you about all the wonderful things we did! So, here are my favorite things about our wonderful Florida vacation!

Our bed was huge and so so so comfortable!!! Carl and I quite enjoyed sleeping in until the sun was high enough to shine in our eyes, followed by slow mornings of coffee, conversations and delicious breakfasts.

Obviously the beach was a major highlight. We had the perfect spot too! Our stretch was just a short jaunt away from our door and there weren’t many people to share with! The waves of the Atlantic were cold and big and wonderful! Everyone enjoyed playing in the salt water, building sandcastles, shell hunting and soaking in the sunshine. I’m definitely blonder and more tan for it!

Up there on my list of highlights was our trip to St. Augustine, the oldest city in America! We got to see the old fort, walk on the first mapped street in America, tour one of the oldest buildings in the city (which used to be a hotel!) and eat delicious ice cream! On top of that, all of the architecture in the city is stunning! Lots of Spanish style and old brick roads with the seaside breeze blowing down streets and through windows.

Okay so you probably have figured out that I love love LOVE seafood! Crab, shrimp, scallops, fish, yeah. It’s delicious. Well we found the bestest seafood spot in Florida! It’s called Ocean’s Seafood, it’s all fresh and almost every option can be grilled, fried, blackened or broiled. I ordered a healthy mix of fish (tuna was catch of the day), scallops and shrimp, all grilled and served with a slew of french fries! Yes, it was delicious.

Here was probably the biggest most packed day of the week! We got to visit the Kennedy Space Center! To start off the day, NASA launched a rocket (which was somewhat anticlimactic for us since it was an overcast day and we only got to see it for a few seconds before it broke through the clouds). Then we spent the rest of the day winding our way through people and the different museums. We saw the real live Atlantis, lots of exhibits about how astronauts live in space, ate space food and took a bus tour to see the launch sites and the VAB (Vehicle Assembly Building) which is the largest one story building in the world. It was pretty darn sweet! 
Now, after all that, I’m quite glad to be home in my yellow kitchen. I’ve missed cooking! It’s kinda funny how week to week, you don’t notice much of a change in life but when you’re in a different place for a week, you come home to see a difference! The corn is taller, Baby Bird is into everything, Little Bird is talking in sentences. Funny what changes in only a week. 🙂
You are loved so stay happy!

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