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One Year Later…

One year ago, this happened:

I can’t believe it was actually a year ago! Funny how it seems like its been forever since I married my Dearest Carl, and yet I remember this like it was yesterday. I have so much to say about this past year that a short post wouldn’t suffice. So here is a long post with many thoughts and reminiscing from this Wife of one year.

Favorite memories:
– Game nights and movie nights with hot chocolate and friends.
– Gingerbread house planning.
– Plum pie triumph.
– Christmastime: setting up decorations in our apartment, wrapping presents, listening to Christmas music, Christmas morning together.
– Slipping under flannel sheets on cold nights.
– Birthday bagels and spending the evening together instead of watching the Super Bowl.
– Valentines Day surprises.
– Birthday helicopters.
– Playing Lego Wii games on lazy evenings.
– Visiting Michigan friends together.
– My month of love, surprises and adventures for Dearest Carl.
– Trying to grow tomato plants on our kitchen windowsill.
– Florida vacation: beach, audio books, ice cream, games, laughs, relaxation.
– Friday morning breakfasts together.

Marriage Lessons:
– Forgive fast.
– Be humble and ask for forgiveness fast.
– If something riles me up, take a minute to really ask myself if it is worth the argument.
– Repeat and reword the explanation until we’re on the same page.
– Be careful about what I ask for. He’ll do his best to get it whatever it may cost him.
– Sometimes, life just requires Husband Hugs.

Life Lessons:
– Work and money are priorities in life, no matter how much I like it or don’t.
– Driving time is perfect prayer time.
– Pasta is easy, cheap and versatile.
– You can’t hear crickets, piano music or people’s voices when you’re talking. Be quiet.
– Starbucks is expensive but worth every penny.
– Patience isn’t just a virtue. It’s absolutely necessary.
– Computer jobs always take longer than the estimated time.
– Being an aunt is awesome.
– No matter what he says, Dearest Carl is ticklish.
– Big things don’t seem so big when you’re out under the big sky.

It’s definitely been an interesting year for me, full of learning more about God, my husband and myself. God has stretched me and blessed me and made me lean on Him more than I ever have before. It’s been a challenge but here at the start of another year of marriage, I look back and smile as I see all that He’s helped me through. So here I am with my cup overflowing and looking forward to another year with my wonderful husband!

I love you my darling Husband, even more today than a year ago and I’m so glad God gave you to me!

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