A Year In Review

It’s hard to believe that this is the last day of 2013! I’ve learned so much this past year about myself, about Dearest Carl and about life in general. There were times that I found myself crying on the kitchen floor but the good times outweigh those exponentially! Here are some of my favorites from 2013:

– Babysitting for families I’ve known for a while and having them get to know Dearest Carl.
– Successfully making Strawberry Pie.
– Watching my sweet cousin join lives with her beloved.
– Visiting my best friend in Michigan (and the dancing and antiquing and long talks that accompany it!).
– Somehow squeezing my whole family into our tiny apartment living room for Sunday Lunch.
– Evenings spent at the Watkins’ celebrating someone’s birthday almost every month.
– Pulling off a month of love and surprises for Dearest Carl (my favorite of which was sending him to Kings Island with his brothers and best friend!).
– Adventuring in Florida with my family and reveling in the ocean.
– Giving a successful surprise party with the Watkins for a friend’s 21st birthday.
– Celebrating one year of marriage with my most wonderful husband.
– Day tripping to Cincinnati with my mom and getting to introduce her to IKEA and Jungle Jim’s Super Market.
– Meeting my oldest cousin’s beautiful baby girl.
– Going to the Feast of the Hunter’s Moon with Dearest Carl.
– Putting together and attending my church’s ladies retreat with some fantastic women.
– Celebrating Thanksgiving with the Watkins, seeing my family from Texas and my best friend from Michigan, all in one weekend!
– Finishing my first book and getting it published on Amazon.
– Finally getting to hold my new nephew.
– Caroling around an assisted living facility and nursing home with my church.
– Seeing the new Hobbit movie with Dearest Carl and my siblings and then eating a Hobbit style breakfast together afterwards.
– Working with some great girls on a Christmas MIME.
– Christmas with Dearest Carl: surprising him with his gifts, making a great breakfast, feeling like this was Christmas at home this year.

Here at the end of a year, I’m so thankful to be where God has put me. He has certainly placed my boundary lines in pleasant places.

And so my dear readers, I end the year here with hopes high and a promise that the best is yet to come!

You are loved so stay happy! See you in 2014!

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