Frivolous Friday, Life

Frivolous Friday

I hope everyone stayed warm this week! Due to snow and stomach flu (on their end), I had a surprise week off work. At first it was nice, being snowed in with Dearest Carl! But then he went back to work and my cabin fever set in. So yesterday I got my laundry done and my mom and I went on a field trip to Starbucks! Today is grocery shopping and making some Brownie Pudding. And I cannot WAIT to get to church on Sunday!!! What are your plans this weekend?

My new favorite soundtrack

Copycat Hawaiian Bread Recipe

Christmas Lights Upgrade

$2 Mold Exterminator, No Scrubbing Required

How to keep the little ones in bed

Book Exchange Party (that I’m so doing when we get a house!)

What’s in the crock pot this weekend (minus the corn on the cob)

I will not be cranky!

You are loved so stay happy!

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