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A Tree Indoors

I browse Pinterest quite a bit. I love looking for ideas about how to decorate my home. I’m still learning what I like best but one thing that has caught my eye recently is the Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree!

They are so pretty! I love the simplicity of them and how they take up space but bring in so much green! I am determined to have one. Not in our dark little apartment of course. Whenever we get a house. And I don’t care of they’re out of style by then! So far, I’ve not done very well keeping plants alive. I’ve killed the Italian Parsley and the Basil. But my friend did give me a spider plant that I’ve kept alive so far! So I’m hopeful that I can maybe keep a tree alive. It seems fairly simple. Here is a pretty guide:
So sun, water, pot. Got it! I think I can do this! 
You are loved so stay happy!

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