Birthday, Life


Time for a birthday post! Yes, it was Monday but it is harder to write about myself than I thought!

Age: 22 years old
Current Occupation: Nanny to two sweet little birds
Favorite Movie: Marie Antoinette
Currently Obsessed With: Finding a house to move into
Looking Forward To: Summer and all that comes with it (Farmers Market, Bike Rides, Grilling, Evening Walks, Iced Coffee, etc.)
Favorite Food: Seafood (crab especially!)
Quirks: Loves pink, constantly redecorates the apartment in her head, has six ever growing food boards on Pinterest, can read a book in a week when she really gets into it, is actually very competitive, always “needs” new shoes, still hasn’t come to terms with her naturally curly hair, secretly wishes she was a ballerina, never thinks it’s too cold for ice cream.

I have to say that there is so much I want to change about myself in the next year. I want to be more hospitable, a better listener and more forgiving but most of all, I yearn to know my Lord more than ever! I’ve got some big wishes this year and I’m going to need His help being patient. Thankfully, I have a patient husband so maybe he’ll rub off on me some too. đŸ™‚

You are loved so stay happy!

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