Frivolous Friday, Life

Frivolous Friday

Good morning! I hope all my Indy readers have stayed warm through Snowmageddon Take Two. I got a day off work Wednesday and Carl worked from home so it seemed like a short week. Today I’m back to the normal grocery and laundry chores. And tomorrow I intend to be baking up a storm! I’m going to try my hand at baking bread (in my new dutch oven that was a birthday present from my wonderful Grandma!) and the cookie jar needs refilled again (Almond Meltaway Cookies this time) and I may possibly add Banana Bread so I can use up the too ripe bananas sitting on top of my fridge. But I didn’t have anything else to do anyway. And don’t worry, if things turn out well, I will share recipes. 🙂 What are your weekend plans?

A toe tapping song

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Dark Chocolate Chiffon Cake with Fluffy Rosewater Frosting

This is only the cutest thing ever!

Wonderful house tour

Beautiful mugs (can you tell that I love Anthropologie?)

You are loved so stay happy!

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