Frivolous Friday, Life

Frivolous Friday

Good morning! I hope everyone has had a good week! Mine has been very busy and seemingly never ending. But I’ve got almost all the closets in the house cleaned out! Actually, they weren’t as bad as I thought they would be! Lots of boxed up stuff and I enlisted Dearest Carl’s help last night to go through some of his boxes of tangled chords and computer related gadgets. So tonight I’ll be tackling my ever growing craft box and adding it to the pile of boxes in the living room. I guess I wasn’t planning on sitting on our couch for a while…

What kinds of things are you doing this weekend?

Take a walk

30 Ways to Style Your Bedside Table

DIY Air Dry Clay Jewelry Bowls

Firefleur Maxi Skirt

Brown Sugar Oatmeal Gooey Butter Cake

Tea cleaning wood floors

You are loved so stay happy!

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