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From House to Home

I promised you a moving/house story so here it is! I’ll start from the very very beginning for those of you who haven’t heard this story. 🙂

Come September of 2013, Dearest Carl and I had lived in our apartment for a year. I’d been casually looking at house the summer before but come our first anniversary, I was quite ready to move. In the same month, we tried for a house in Greenfield which fell through due to issues with it’s foundation. We found another house down the street which turned out to be exactly what we wanted… and already sold. So it was back to the market. In November, we found another house in Pleasant View which we tried for and waited for for two and a half months without any success.

At the beginning of February, we discovered a house in New Palestine that had dropped in price and we thought, what the heck, why not go look! Dearest Carl immediately fell in love. I thought it was a great house, but, due to expected competition, I never expected US to live there! We talked and the next day, we decided to put in an offer. To my surprise, our offer was accepted THE NEXT DAY! Suddenly the mad dash began to get all the paperwork done and the inspection and checks and whatnot. With a little tweaking and the best realtor in the world, we closed March 31st!!!

With lots of help, the house was cleaned the day after closing! We deduced that the people living there before us were renters and had a dog… and didn’t clean. Also, that Oxyclean will remove awful spots on carpet! Looking back now, I’m ever so glad I started packing a few weeks before closing. During the week, we were able to move some boxes, put up curtains and get the kitchen unpacked! Last Friday, I skipped my usually grocery and laundry chores to move stuff. Then Saturday, a whole army of people came to our aid! We had a very large truck, two mini vans and a bunch of people at the apartment, loading up boxes and furniture. Then there were friends and sisters and brothers at the new house to help unload and keep an eye on things there. Then I had help getting the apartment cleaned up when everything was out! By noon, the apartment was clean and locked up! The afternoon was spent putting things in place. The big problem: our box-spring won’t go up the stairs. Still working that out. We also cut the lock to our shed and discovered a big empty storage space! Dearest Carl was able to clean out the back seat of his car at last and we’ll be getting our bikes from my parent’s shed soon! Sunday, Dearest Carl got the washer and dryer hooked up and started cleaning out the dishwasher! He’s been a busy bee. 🙂

Already the place is starting to feel like our home. There are a few things I noticed in particular that help with that feeling.

  • I love hearing the washer and dryer running! It’s a homey sound to me that I’ve been without for a long time. 
  • Dearest Carl has been at the piano already and the music filling the house is so nice. And he can play at ten at night without disturbing our neighbors! 🙂 
  • All my sinks have Mrs. Meyer’s hand soap by them because I’ve fallen in love with her. All Mrs. Meyer’s products smell amazing and they’re a natural product for an affordable price! I have Lemon Verbena in the kitchen, Honeysuckle in the downstairs bathroom and Lavender in the upstairs bathroom. Yeah, go get some. 
  • My throw pillows made it to the couch very early on so even though there is a box-spring in the living room, there is still a comfy place to sit!
  • In our bedroom, our mattress is just sitting on our floor… but there are sheets, blankets and pillows on it! It’s been great knowing that the bed is at least made up and we can sleep comfortably.
Currently, my pictures are still boxed up waiting for the walls to be painted and my books are still in their boxes as well until I can make that IKEA trip. But I feel so blessed to be as organized as we are and know so many people who will help if necessary! I cannot wait until things are cleaned up enough to start having people over. It’s such a big house, guests are absolutely necessary! Anybody wanna book a stay in our guest room? I’ll make you Blueberry Buttermilk Breakfast Cake! 🙂
You are loved so stay happy!

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