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Gift Guide: Father’s Day

Okay seriously guys. Didn’t I just write the Mother’s Day gift guide? It’s crazy how time flies! Father’s Day is this upcoming Sunday!!! I think Father’s Day is a hard holiday to buy for because everyone suggests the bow ties and beard oil and stainless steel flasks. Well, my Dad doesn’t drink, doesn’t have a beard and doesn’t do bow ties. He really doesn’t even grill much. So what do you do? You get creative. Here is a Father’s Day gift guide like you won’t find anywhere else!

 1. Audible Membership: If you’re dad is a book lover, get him a membership to this awesome site! There are lots and lots of audiobooks here and you get a chance to choose a new one each month. You can buy him a three, six or twelve month membership (that’s three, six or twelve audiobooks) and when it’s done, he can continue the membership for $14.95 a month or cancel it any time he wants. Perfect for commuters and travelers!

 2. Maple Bacon Flavored Coffee: I got this for my Dad last year, him being somewhat of a coffee connoisseur, and he said it was amazing. So did my mom! Like breakfast in a cup. I was fortunate enough to get a taste and it really was delicious.

 3. Phantom Keystroker: This little device is for some prankster fun. Plug it into your nemesis’s computer and suddenly, their computer will toggle caps-lock, type random phrases or make random mouse movements. Or all three… if you’re feeling really evil.

4. Outdoor Table Tennis Set: Here is the perfect gift for the dad who loves sports but can’t really play them anymore. Now he can compete sitting down!

5. Travel Treasures Keepsake Box: Is your dad a traveler? Does he keep all kinds of little momentos and doodads from his adventures? This little leather box is the best place to keep all those wonderful little things!

6. The Elements Puzzle: Chemistry and puzzling in one perfect gift. Need I say more?

7. Double Shot Press Mug: I’ve heard it said that coffee from a French Press is the best homemade coffee ever. But sometimes, it takes too long to wait for it! If your dad needs a quick way to good coffee, here is the solution. A French Press in a mug! Brilliant.

8. Survival Kit in a Sardine Can: This gift is for camper dad or hiker dad or “I imagine myself more rugged” dad. It includes the survival essentials like matches, safety pins, whistle and more!

9. The Smart Light: I can totally see Dearest Carl loving this. It’s a lightbulb that you can turn on and off with your phone! Fantastic!

10. Darth Vader and Son: Finally, the gift for the new dad. You can help him pass on his Star Wars legacy and provide an opportunity for baby bonding at the same time!

And if all else fails, go ahead and get the gift card. 🙂 What are you planning for Father’s Day?

P.S. Can you tell my writing job is rubbing off on me? 😉

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