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Frivolous Friday

Well folks, it’s Friday again and this week has flown. Gosh, the whole month of July flew by! It’s August! A time for the feel of crisp new notebooks, the taste of sweet corn, the sound of crickets, and the smell of the state fair. And with every day, my yearning for colorful leaves and apple cider grows!

So I meant to post this week about our camping trip and it just didn’t happen. But I couldn’t leave you completely in the dark so I’ll give you a brief description. We got to the park late in the evening last Friday to discover that all the “primitive” campsites were taken so we paid extra for the electric we didn’t use. Lesson learned: book your campsite before the day of. Then, while simultaneously setting up the tent, we spent at least an hour trying to get the campfire started. Lesson learned: bring LOTS of paper for kindling. Our campsite ended up mostly gravel so where we had to pitch our tent was on a hill. Lesson learned: do not, under any circumstances, forget pillows. The next morning, the fire started more easily and the sausage was simply smashing. The scrambled eggs, not so much. Lesson learned: just don’t do scrambled eggs over a campfire. Then, after a brief spat of rain, we went for a million mile hike. Lesson learned: I can’t hike as far as I think I can. When we finally returned to our campsite, we ate cold sandwiches and headed home. I can’t tell you how happy I was to have a hot shower and kitty snuggles. Camping verdict: Lots of work for not a lot of pleasure. I’m not impressed. But Dearest Carl is happy we went so I supposed it was a successful trip!

This weekend is going to be infinitely better! Antiquing today with my Mom and sisters, baking up a storm tomorrow and reading in any spare minute I have. What are you up to this weekend?

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Have a great one!

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