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Two Years Later…

Are you ready for a sappy post? Oh good. 🙂

Two whole years ago I donned a lace-y white dress and walked down the aisle to meet my beloved. And I’m really glad he said “yes”. This year has been so so full. More learning, more loving, more living than I thought possible. And I’m so blessed to have the man I do to walk beside me through it all!

Favorite Memories:
– Walking around Feast of The Hunter’s Moon and eating Pumpkin Pie in September.
– Getting to meet some of Dearest Carl’s colleagues while walking to support ALS.
– House hunting and looking through lots of walls.
– Turning Dearest Carl’s cubicle into a giant gingerbread house.
– Making a successful Christmas Morning Breakfast!
– Being snowed in at the apartment and building a ginormous snowman.
– Joining a Bible Study together.
– Fridge and stove shopping.
– Closing on a house!!!
– Putting rugs and curtains in the newly bought house.
– Attending baby nephew’s baptism in Chicago.
– Going to the Humane Society and adding a kitty to our family!
– Opening our home to friends and family for food and fireworks.
– Introducing Dearest Carl to my mom’s side of the family.
– Camping for the first time (yes, this is a favorite memory!).
– Going on a weekend vacation at Lincoln State Park.
– Dreaming and working on the new house together!

Marriage Lessons:
– Be open. Share your thoughts, feelings, ideas.
– Choose your battles carefully. Some things aren’t worth the arguing.
– Being tenderhearted is hard sometimes, but totally worth it.
– Be each other’s biggest cheerleader.
– He is God’s child too.

Life Lessons:
– Stop. Breathe. React slowly.
– Lipstick is wonderful and should be worn every day.
– Sometimes what you asked God for doesn’t turn out the way you hoped, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t thank Him for it anyway.
– Waiting is hard. Really hard. But if you wait prayerfully, God just might surprise you!
– Starbucks is still worth every penny.

Every day with Dearest Carl is a gift straight from God. He makes me smile like no one else and he works so hard to provide for us and make our home into a beautiful place. He knows how to do everything and he encourages me in whatever endeavor takes the moment. I am so thankful for my handsome, hard-working, cookie-loving, computer genius husband! Here’s to another year of adventure!

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