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What We’re Eating

I hope it’s as beautiful a Monday for you as it is for me! The sun is shining, the coolness of the coming Autumn is in the air, the corn is starting to rustle and I’ve officially put away iced coffee for the year. That cinnamon vanilla creamer was really delicious.

It kind of feels like I’m stepping into a new season with the beginning of fall. Dearest Carl and I begin our third year of marriage. We begin our first autumn season in our new house. We suddenly have some free weekends to do house projects and bake and host bonfires. I am filled with hope that there are good things waiting for me this fall and there is so much I’m looking forward to! Fall is definitely my favorite.

This week has a pretty good menu ahead of us. I’m waiting to start my Monday soups until October but gazpacho doesn’t count right?

Monday: Green Cucumber and Mint Gazpacho
Tuesday: Quiche
Wednesday: Pizza Rolls
Thursday: Hot Chocolate French Toast
Friday: Carl is having dinner with the Watkins men so I’m having dinner with the Watkins women!

Hope Monday is treating you right!

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