Frivolous Friday, Life

Frivolous Friday

Good morning! I hope this bright and shiny Friday morning finds you well and smiling! I have to say, I started out my weekend in the best possible way. Last night, after grabbing some Starbucks coffee, I spent the evening doing some much needed organizing and cleaning in our bedroom. There’s nothing like going to bed under clean sheets in a neat and tidy room! It just set up my weekend to be amazing. Oh, I also put away my summer nail polish colors. (Goodbye mermaid green!) I plan on breaking out the burgundy and making some apple fritters this weekend.

What are your weekend plans? Anything super exciting? Anything super Autumn related?

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Have fun in that Autumn sunshine!


  1. Took a walk this morning just before sunrise, humid but cool. The rabbits were boldly out on the lawns. Coyotes sing in the distance, lurking in the surrounding hills and culverts, odd that there are wild things in such and overbuilt city, in the megalopolis of Orange County, CA

  2. Doing some Honey do items and getting the archery items out of the closet in hope to doing a little hunting later next week. have a great weekend everyone!

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