A Closet Makeover

Last week, I wrote a post for Brit + Co about beautiful closets. There seriously are some gorgeous ones out there. Most of what I came across had me a little bug-eyed. I mean, I don’t really have the space for full fledge dressing room closet kind of thing. And I don’t have near THAT many shoes. But it got me thinking. Who says I can’t have an organized closet even if it is only a closet?! So I embarked on a journey. And I thought I would tell you about it and give you my tips. 🙂

BEFORE: A big mess. Clothes shoved on the rack. Shoes higgledy piggledy. A scarf monster growing bigger and bigger. And not to mention the things thrown on the door hooks. It was in definite need of an updo. 
Step One: Get It Out. It’s easiest to start any organizing project with a clean slate. Then the sky is the limit! 
Step Two: The Scarf Trick. If you take anything away from this post, take this. Tie your scarves onto a hanger and voila! No more scarf monster! 
Step Three: Put It Back. This is the organizing part of the operation. Shoes go with shoes. And not just any shoes. Heels go with heels, flats with flats, boots with boots, etc. I put all my warm weather clothes at the back of my closet and then arranged my cold weather clothes by color. It definitely makes it much easier to mix and match.
AFTER: A beautiful example of organization. I can find things easily now and I have more motivation to keep it clean after all that work! Maybe one of these days, I’ll add some prints or scrapbook paper or something to the shelves to brighten them up, but for now, I’m pleased with it. 
What about you? Does your closet need a little organizing? Oh, your house is probably in perfect order. Silly me. 😉


  1. Looks great! Love how the heels are arranged on the shelves. 🙂

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