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What We’re Eating

After sleeping in the cold, eating too many caramel apple suckers and hiking up and down leaf-ridden hills, I’m back from camping! What actually amounted to two nights and a day, the weekend felt like days. It was so very relaxing and fun and definitely made me think better of the camping experience.

Now, for some reason, all this rainy cold Fall weather is making me super incredibly excited for Thanksgiving. Maybe it’s all the things that will be accomplished by then. Maybe it’s the fact that we do Thanksgiving and Christmas with the Watkins in one weekend. Maybe it’s the Maple Pumpkin Cheesecake I’ll be making. I don’t know. I just can’t wait!

In the meantime, I’ve got a great menu for you! Seriously, this week is some lip smackin’ good stuff.

Monday: Please May I Have Some More Soup (Sausage, Potato and Cabbage soup for those of you who are new around here 🙂 )
Tuesday: Apple Cider Baked Chicken
Wednesday: Tuna Cabbage Salad Sandwiches and Chips
Thursday: Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup (One of these days, I’ll make legit tomato soup.)
Friday: Cinnamon Rolls and Bacon

What’s on your menu? I can always use new recipes for the future!

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