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Frivolous Friday

Good morning! I was beginning to think Friday would never come, but it has! My to do list for the weekend seems unending. But by Monday, my house will be clean, my cookie jar will be full, my groceries restocked, my laundry folded and put away (probably…), glowing pumpkins on my porch and memories made with friends! I do so love having a house that gives us space for lots of hospitality. It’s a very good thing, my friend.

What do you have in your weekend? If you haven’t carved pumpkins yet, you’re running out of time! Seriously, it’s almost time to think turkey!

Bink’s Waltz (who knew that Scott Joplin wrote waltzes!)

Friendships That Flourish

3 Tips for Moisturizing Skin in Winter

Pumpkin Chai Latte (Okay this sounds amazing!)

Into The Woods covers (I am so stinking excited for this!!!)

5 Fail-Safe Navy Paint Colors

Twig and Pom Pom Starburst Wreath

DIY Floral and Glitter Pumpkins

Snowy Bedrooms (in case you missed it!)

Have a wonderful weekend!

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