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Okay guys. The last year or two, I’ve bought breakfast sandwiches to take with me to work. It was quick, it was easy, and it contained protein. But now that I’m going to be at home, I’ll have the ability to actually make something for breakfast! So I’ve been looking around for quick and healthy breakfast ideas to implement when I get tired of yogurt and granola. Here’s some pretty good options!

Smoothies: Those of you who know me well know that I’m not a bandwagon kind of person. That being said, I haven’t really given the smoothie wagon much thought… until now. First, I love drinks. Coffee, tea, shakes, fruit juice, it’s all amazing. So I see no reason why smoothies and I wouldn’t get along? I love the idea of prepping them beforehand so you can just pop the ingredients in a blender without all the slicing and dicing in the morning. Definitely something to think on!

Toasts: I’m going to admit something pretty shameful. The most creative I get with my breakfast toasts are adding an avocado to the egg and cheese on bread. Yeah, it’s original and boring. But that ricotta and honey toast looks pretty amazing and I’ve also found a lot of other options here. Seriously, this could be another whole post!

Parfaits: I love yogurt and granola. Whoever came up with that combination should be given a medal. And what about this idea of adding cheerios to that mix? Genius! I think I’ll definitely be trying this one.
Donuts: Right about now, you’re probably thinking “Hold up Casey. Don’t tell us donuts are healthy!” Well yeah, they’re not the very best breakfast you can eat. But baked donuts are much healthier than fried and I’ve found some pretty easy recipes to make them. I think they’d make a nice treat once in a while!
This healthy breakfast making will certainly be a facet in my new adventure!
What is your favorite healthy breakfast? I need more ideas!

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