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Frivolous Friday

Happy Halloween! I hope this week has been good to you. It’s been a little emotional here for me, but I always get emotional when I go through change. Getting married, moving from a tiny apartment to a great big house, and now leaving my job as a nanny to be a full time freelance writer. It’s all good and exciting but I’m a sappy nostalgic.

This weekend ought to be very fun! Tonight Dearest Carl and I will be dodging trick-or-treaters and joining my family for some Halloween fun. Saturday I get to go Goodwilling and Half Price Book shopping with the sisters-in-law. Sunday my girls are performing their mime and we get to see who responded to our church’s invitations. Then Monday starts the new work week in my new position. Not to mention it will be NOVEMBER and the clocks change on Sunday. (How we loath you DST.) It’s so very full and very good!

What do you have in your weekend?

Thriller (just because it’s Halloween.)

Flower Grapevine Wreath

Glazed Donut Pumpkin Seeds

24 Best Lipsticks for Fall

Healthy Breakfasts

10 Verses for An Anxious Heart

World Traveler Creates a Home Base (I love this house.)

52 File Folders (this is a fantastic system!)

Druzy Stone Studs (Caaaaaaarrrrrrrlllllll!!!)

Have a fantastical weekend!

(Image from 100 Layer Cake.)

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