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My Favorite Spaces

It is my very official opinion that everyone has a few favorite spaces in their home. Spaces that just feel put together and make you smile when you see them. I currently feel like I’m trying to make my whole house be my favorite space and while that is moving pretty slowly, I do have a few spaces that I love. I also love home reveals so here are some pictures of my favorite spaces in our home!

You might have seen a glimpse of this on my Instagram feed a while back. It was and still is one of my very favorite spaces. Ball jars are probably from my mom//Paper straws from my husband for last years’ stocking stuffer (you can still find them at JoAnn Fabrics)//Little white dish from my Grandma, originally to hold tea, but I thought it pretty enough to hold my rings while I cook messy things// Cup at the top from Goodwill//Antique tea tin from Carl’s grandma// Recipe box from Rifle Paper Co.

Here is a Pinterest inspired project. I kept seeing these wonderful drink carts but since Dearest Carl and I don’t drink on a regular basis, I couldn’t find a reason to make one. Then I saw a coffee/tea cart and my own drink cart was born. Not to mention it freed up cabinet space! Cart from IKEA.

I cannot tell you how much I adore this bookshelf! And I cannot tell you how many times it’s been rearranged. Most of the decor I have on it are things that have been given to me or I’ve collected from Goodwill over the years. The little angel at the bottom is a music box that belonged to my mom. The orange plate on the top shelf belonged to my great grandmother and was given to her for mothers day by my grandma and her siblings. I don’t remember who exactly owned it, but the inkwell belonged to someone in my family and has been passed down. The huge dictionary on top belonged to my Grandpa. The purple owl picture was made for me by my little sister Maisy, as a housewarming gift for our apartment. The black frame I bought to frame the first hard-copy picture of Dearest Carl and I. The purple violets on the top left are a little bouquet that my grandma made for me for my My Fair Lady themed bridal shower. The green tractor on top was from the Watkins and played with by Dearest Carl when he was young. So you see, lots of history here. 🙂 Bookshelf from IKEA.

While it desperately needs a new coat of paint (and maybe a full fledged remodel), I have managed to make our bathroom pretty enough for now. All the baskets and jars are things I’ve collected from Goodwill, Hobby Lobby, Target and The Dollar General when there were sales. It’s been fun arranging them all just right.

Welcome to my side of the bed. Our whole bedroom set I “inherited” from my great grandpa so it all mostly matches. The big basket was given to me by my mother-in-law and currently, it serves as my linen closet. On the table is my beautiful copy of all three books by the Bronte sisters as well as two boxes that were gifts from a friend. I also always have my little tin of Rosebud Salve.

Our bed! Yes, I am fully aware that our pillows don’t match anything. But I am preparing for the future when we paint our bedroom. Duvet cover and shams from Target//Yellow pillows from Marshalls//Black and white pillow from IKEA.

Here is my office, aka our guest bedroom. But the desk is my fav. I just started working in this space this week and while I’ve got plans (like putting things up on the walls), I’m happy with the way things are turning out! Oh, can you tell that I don’t go anywhere without Rosebud Salve? But more on that next week. 😉 Desk from IKEA//Chair from IKEA//Sheepskin from IKEA//Lamp from IKEA//Phone case from Rifle Paper Co.

I can’t wait until things start to look amazing and I can take pictures of whole rooms and show you before and afters!

What do you think of my spaces? Any tips? What makes your favorite space your favorite? Wow… that’s a tongue twister.

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