I’m Thankful For…

I don’t do a lot of posting on Facebook. It’s all pretty much pictures from Instagram or posts from my blog. I suppose that’s because if I have something to say, I’d rather write about it here than write a book of a Facebook post.

One thing I see a lot of in November are lists of things people are thankful for. Well I thought I’d try to keep on trend and do a post about the things I’m thankful for once a week this month. Because November is about Thanksgiving right? (Yes, I’m asking you to ignore the Christmas commercials.) So, here is this week’s list:
  • Saturday: I am so thankful for my Savior. I know it sounds cliche and everyone says that, but I truly am. He has led me through many dark places, held me up when I’ve been weak, strengthened me when I’ve been afraid, and forgiven me of the terrible things I’ve done. My life would be nothing without my Jesus.
  • Sunday: I am thankful for my church. Living Streams is a place of love and encouragement for people in all walks of life. It makes me smile to be a part of a community that cares for one another with a common goal: to please the Lord.
  • Monday: I am incredibly thankful for my husband. As a teenager, I thought I would end up an old maid in a little house with several cats. It is amazing to me that God would have such a kind, caring, understanding, encouraging, loving man just for me. He knows how to do everything and he takes care of us with an unending energy. Seriously, he’s like the energizer bunny! I really love that man!
  • Tuesday: I am thankful for my Charlie boy. That little fur ball makes me smile every single day, even if he has been naughty. He snuggles with me and gives me those mama bear feelings when he’s in trouble (think Dearest Carl and an airsoft gun…). And I won’t even mention those huge eyes that look at me when I have to say goodnight. Man that’s killer.
  • Wednesday: I’m thankful for our home. Our house, holes in the ceiling and all, is better and more amazing than I could have ever dreamed. I love every inch of hardwood floor. It gives Dearest Carl and I room to dream, projects to work on together and space to exercise our hospitality. It’s such a good place.
  • Thursday: Today has two things combined. I am thankful for my nannying job of two and a half years and all that it taught me. I feel more prepared to be a mother when God takes us there because of that experience. I am also thankful for this new adventure with freelance writing. It’s hard to see my ability to write as a talent because I’ve always been able to do it easily. But I do think that’s from God and I’m excited about this opportunity.
See? I have lots of things that I’m thankful for! Tune in next week for even more!

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