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Frivolous Friday

Hold onto your hats! Winter is making an early appearance, though we all know it could still be 80 degrees on Thanksgiving. But that’s Indy, right? Hormonal weather.

Did everybody have a good week? Mine was! I spent the vast majority of the past four days in my pajamas, writing like a madwoman. I’ve been out of the house once since Sunday so needless to say, I’m looking forward to my shopping trip today and the weekend in general! Tonight Dearest Carl and I are having dinner with some new-found friends (yay for friends!), tomorrow I’ve got a baby shower for my cousin (yay for babies!), and Sunday is church! (yay for church!)

I’ve gotta say, being constantly on Pinterest and in blogs and online, I’m having a really hard time waiting for Christmas. I will admit that I broke my self-inflicted rule and listened to Christmas music once last week. Hey! It was to get some inspiration to write an assigned Christmas-y post! Don’t judge. But seriously. I’ve been seeing twinkly lights in my dreams and new Christmas trees in my future. Not to mention that one of the places Dearest Carl is working at is closing so they’re cleaning out all their stuff and we got some Christmas decorations from them. It’s really hard you guys!!! Anywho, I think my future schedule is busy enough that I wouldn’t have time to take out my Christmas things, even if I wanted to. Thanksgiving is two weeks away! Only two weeks!

Opening Titles (It snowed yesterday and it made me think of this song…)

How to Get Over Cliques and Get Real Community

3 Ways to Dress Up Dinner

DIY Ceramic Hanging Planter (I’m making this! Possibly several!)

How to Brine a Turkey

30 DIY Advent Calendars (Because you’ve gotta start thinking about it.) (Btw, I wrote this!)

Upcycled Story Magnets (This is happening when we have kids.)

Cotton Tablecloth (I can’t tell you how much I love this tablecloth and matching napkins!)

My Favorite Beauty Products (In case you missed it. 🙂 )

Have an awesome weekend!

(Image via The Daily Covet)

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