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What We’re Eating

How about all this snow! It’s only November 17th but it feels like we’ve skipped Thanksgiving and moved right along to Christmas. Where are all the lights and trees and Christmas music?? Oh yeah, it’s only November 17th…. My bad.

My weekend was so lovely. I was able to get some cleaning done amid the going and seeing and doing. It’s kinda funny. Since I spend all week at home writing away, I don’t mind filling up our weekends with those goings and seeings and doings anymore. I’ve been home all week! Let me out!!!! Ahem….

This week, my contact is out of the office until Tuesday and then Friday holds an IKEA trip with my mom and grandma. So it’s a short work week but with the same workload which means I really am going to be writing like a madwoman for two and a half days. Send coffee.

Here’s our menu:

Monday: French Onion Soup
Tuesday: Easy Garlic Chicken and Green Beans (Skipped this last week so no, it’s not deja vu.)
Wednesday: Sweet Potatoes and Couscous
Thursday: Guacamole and Chili Con Queso
Friday: Pizza Rolls

I hope you get some time to cozy up with some hot chocolate and a good book before the snow melts! Enjoy your Monday and be careful out there!

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