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Christmas Cards

So yes, I am doing a Christmas post this week. Why? Because Christmas is X days away (for those who prefer not to count). But usually Christmas cards go out in December so if you do them, you start thinking about them in November.

I personally don’t do Christmas cards. Our first Christmas together, I wrote a Christmas letter and posted it on Facebook. You may think “Oh those youngins and their technology!” Seriously though, just think about it for a minute! I’m friends with lots of extended family on Facebook that I see less than once a year and don’t have addresses for. So by posting a Christmas Letter there, I save on paper and postage and my letter goes farther than I could send it by mail! Brilliant right? I thought so, too.

But! That being said, I do like the paper cards. There is something exciting about getting a handwritten card in the mail. And usually, if you get enough of them, Christmas cards become part of your Christmas decor (you oughtta see my Grandma Jayne’s living room at Christmas!). So, I looked around and found some really pretty ones. If I sent Christmas cards, I would be sending you one of these!

Joy Card: Okay so $5 for one card is a little impractical but I simply love this simple wintery design.

Faithful Friends Card: I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Christmas card that has used the lyrics to this song. Not to mention the pretty hand drawn design.

Nativity Card: Have you ever seen a prettier nativity card? Even if it does include wise men instead of shepherds, how can you resist those little faces?

Merry Christmas Card: I love the mix of all the Christmas hues on this card. So many greens and reds and who knew they’d complement each other so well!

Custom Family Portrait Card: This may seem expensive, but you’re buying the digital file which you can then print however many you need! Wouldn’t our little Watkins family look adorable as an illustration?

Personalized Card: It’s bright. It’s simple. It’s got your name on it. Literally! I love it! C&C Watkins? Yes!!!

Cats Card: I just had to include this because it has cats on it. I’m really curious how Charlie Boy will like our tree… and what stunts he might attempt. Good thing I work from home, right?

Do you know what Christmas cards you’re getting already? Or are you opting for simple letters? Send ’em all my way!

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