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What We’re Eating

I can’t believe Monday is almost half gone! And we won’t even talk about November. Since I went to IKEA on Friday and spent the rest of the weekend doing other fun things, I finally made it to the grocery this morning. And what did I find? A little elastic fuzzy red kitty collar with two jingly bells. Charlie is now running madly around the house… but he’s ready for Christmas and that’s what counts, right?

While the wind howls outside and makes the house creak and groan like an old soul, I’m spending my day on Pinterest, researching my articles for the week and thinking about Christmas decorating. It’s so close you guys!!! We break it all out on Friday!

First though, comes Thanksgiving. It’s a lovely short work week for both Dearest Carl and I and it’s an even shorter cooking week. But I’m not complaining. There will be turkey involved.

Monday: Roasted Red Pepper Soup (skipping the Gouda because Aldi didn’t have any! >:( )
Tuesday: Pizza Rolls (and seeing Mockingjay with in-laws and friends!)
Wednesday: Rice with the Rubles (and probably the customary pizza afterwards)
Thursday: Thanksgiving with the Watkins!
Friday: Christmas with the Watkins!

Besides turkey and cranberries, what’s on your menu this week?

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