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What We’re Eating

Good Monday morning! I hope everybody had a great Thanksgiving weekend and that you’re still eating leftover turkey sandwiches and salads and all. Dearest Carl and I did. Our house is now Christmas ready which I hope means lots of hospitality this month! Actually… I just wanna show off my finished dining room. 😉

This week’s menu is a mix of good food and leftovers, but that’s okay with me!

Monday: Egg Drop Soup and Egg Rolls
Tuesday: Grandma’s Turkey and Noodles
Wednesday: Pizza Rolls
Thursday: One Pot Garlic Parmesan Pasta
Friday: I’ll be gone this evening and Carl will probably have sandwiches or… cottage cheese…

It’s December, you guys! In the coming weeks, I’ve got lots of cool blog posts planned. Be on the lookout for the annual Christmas gift guides, another Casey Crocker photoshoot and some pictures of our Christmas decorations. It’s good stuff!

Enjoy your Monday!

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