Frivolous Friday, Life

Frivolous Friday

I hope you are all settled into a lovely Christmas glow coma this morning. Dearest Carl and I are enjoying our presents and leftover Christmas morning breakfast. Charlie received a little mouse that makes noise whenever you touch it or move it and it turned out to be the hit present out of everything wrapped this year. We named this little mouse Roger. So yeah, Charlie and Roger are besties.

I’m loving the sunshine this morning! Doesn’t it motivate you to actually do stuff? I have a lot to do today. Grocery shopping and laundry and cleaning and prepping. Tomorrow I’ll be cooking the turkey we got as a Thanksgiving gift so that should be an experience. I’m also hoping to do some painting this weekend but I think that’s less likely. Or at least that’s what Dearest Carl’s tone of voice says.

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Okay now it’s your turn. Tell me all about your Christmas! What was your favorite gift? Did anybody get the ugly Christmas sweater? I want to hear about it!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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