A Year in Review

New Year’s Eve. Every year, it seems to come around faster than the last and it makes me think about how short the time actually is. This year has been so incredibly full. I’ll try to not ramble on too much!

– I turned twenty stinkin’ two.
– We made a seriously ginormous snowman in front of our apartment.
– I began freelance writing for Brit + Co.
– We got to socialize with the Texas cousins when they came for a visit.
– We cleaned the house the day after we closed.
– We moved into our house the weekend after we cleaned.
– My cousin and I went to IKEA by ourselves and bought a van-load of furniture.
– Carl left Home Health Depot for Business Management Systems.
– We added Charlie to our family.
– We walked along the beach of Charlevoix MI.
– We hosted a fireworks gawking party.
– We went camping together for the first time. (My very first time camping ever!)
– We burned scrambled eggs on thus said first camping trip.
– Carl worked hard on our dining room makeover. (Spackling is a pain.)
– We went to Lincoln State Park with the Watkins fam.
– We celebrated our second anniversary.
– Carl bought a new car.
– We went camping again with the Watkins siblings.
– I left nannying for full time freelance writing.
– We finished our dining room.
– We celebrated Thanksgiving and Christmas with the Watkins all in one weekend.
– We had our third hobbit dinner and saw the new movie the next morning.
– We made lots of new friends.
– We celebrated Christmas day with our kitty and the Ruble family.

Melissa is here staying with us this week and I couldn’t think of a better way to ring in the new year! Then I start making my to do lists and my goals (I don’t call them resolutions) for 2015.

Bring it New Year!

(Image via Anna Larimore)

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