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Frivolous Friday

Did everyone enjoy their New Year’s Eve celebrations? We surely did! I was super happy to have my two favorite people in the whole world with me at the stroke of midnight! It’s been so awesome to have Melissa with me for the week. We’ve been shopping and watched a ton of Downton Abbey and made aprons and just had lots of fun in general. And looking out on the new year, I’m quite excited! I believe God has put Dearest Carl and I in a wonderful place and I can’t wait to see how our house will change and how our relationship with each other and with our friends will grow. It’s really good you guys!

Happy (Appropriate for this year!)

Simple Gathered Half Apron Tutorial (My friend and I made this this week!)

10 Ways to Fight a Cold Naturally

At Home In Silver Lake

Star Stretched Hearts

Rose Quart Arrowhead Necklace (Beautiful!)

DIY Copper iPad Holder

Sweet Potato Sausage Skewers

I hope you had a great week and here’s to a wonderful 2015 together!

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