10 Things I’m Loving Right Now

1. Minted Rose Lip Balm: I’m not sure where I’d be without this salve. While the original Rosebud salve was my first love, this Minted Rose Salve that I bought this past summer has saved my lips this winter. Highly recommended!

2. Plant Ridden Spaces: Plants plants and more plants! I had a couple of friends comment that I have a nice collection and I feel that I haven’t even started! Isn’t the room above pretty? I’m so attracted to this style and I can’t wait to fill my home with plants!

3. The Wailin’ Jennys: I found this group while I was exploring the music section of Amazon Prime. They’re a bluegrass folk mix and I totally fell for them. Super pretty, very relaxing and just plain amazing. Right up there with The Lumineers for me!

4. Charlie Boy: He may eat my plants and explore our crawlspace when he isn’t supposed to and sleep right on top of us at night, but he’s my baby and I love him so much no matter what.

5. Darling Magazine: I received a subscription to this magazine for Christmas and it’s seriously fantastic. Every article I read makes me think hard about the topic. You should check out their website!

6. Leather Chairs: This fall, I fell for something I never thought I would. Leather chairs. They’re classic and bring a touch of the masculine eclectic to a room. I want two!

7. These Mocs: Okay so technically they’re slippers but the soles are so durable, I just wear them as shoes. And I think I’ve worn them for almost a week straight. They’re so freaking comfortable! Plus I got them on sale, so bonus!

8. My Job: I really do love my job. Yeah, it’s been frustrating sometimes, but really, it’s been good. It’s challenged my writing, increased my knowledge about creating things people want to read and shown me that God cares for me in the little things.

9. Printable Art: I found these prints a long time ago on this blog and it made me so terribly happy when they finally got put up in our dining room! It has also begun my journey to use printable art to decorate my home. Having a color printer helps!

10. Dearest Carl: I can’t include my cat and not include my husband. He works so incredibly hard to take care of us, working a full time job plus all the house projects. He’s been going after the downstairs bathroom, whistling and humming all the way. He never stops singing. 🙂

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