Frivolous Friday, Life

Frivolous Friday

Hellooooooo Friday! Everybody make it through the week okay? I’m not gonna lie, mine was pretty darn good! I’m loving my new post counts for B+C and Homedit and I made a sweet newly married friend this week! It’s been a good’n. Today this new friend and I are going grocery shopping and tonight Dearest Carl and I have dinner with my family and some friends. Then this weekend will be full of house stuff and helping my Grandma and spending time together! It promises to be a good one. 🙂

What does your weekend hold? Hopefully the London Fog Latte below!

Nothing’s Wrong (Yes, more Echosmith)

Tips for Keeping Indoor Plants Alive

London Fog Tea Latte (I made this last night. YUM!)

The Myths of Wanderlust (I’ve got it bad you guys…)

Beautiful and Interesting Artwork

The Romeow Cat Bistro

101 Reasons Coconut Oil is Miracle Stuff

Shop Your Closet (This is what I’m working for!)

House Envy

You may have noticed that the blog is getting a makeover! I decided it was about time to turn it into something that’s more me and my style. Kudos to Dearest Carl for staying up super late helping me with silly HTTP stuff!

Have a fabulous weekend!

(Image from Anma’s World)

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