Birthday, Life


Yup, it’s my birthday. It’s really amazing to look at how far I’ve come from last year! A house, a cat, a life full of friends and blessings. It’s pretty great, you guys!

Age: 23
Current Occupation: Freelance Editor for Brit + Co and Homedit
Favorite Movie: Austenland
Currently Obsessed With: Filling her house with as many indoor plants as possible
Looking Forward To: Getting the house looking the way we want it to
Favorite Food: Cheese
Quirks: Uses Pinterest as a source for everything from cooking to gardening, loves her kitty even when he gets in trouble, actually prefers glasses to contacts, will drink iced coffee even when there’s snow outside, can keep plants alive.

While I did post about my resolutions for the year, I have some things I want to see change before I turn 24:
– Really pin down my personal style and encapsulate my wardrobe
– Take time to do more things that make Dearest Carl happy like biking, camping, project-ing, etc.
– Make our house into a comfortable safe place for us and our family and friends
– Become a mom, Lord willing

Here’s to another amazing year!

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