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Frivolous Friday

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day! Dearest Carl and I have a quirky tradition where every Valentine’s Day, we watch The Hunt for Red October. In case you didn’t know, that’s a movie about a Russian submarine and it’s crew. Yeah, don’t ask how that got started. But it’s fun and the tradition makes it romantic. 🙂

What are your V-Day traditions? Dinner? Flowers? Chocolate? Give me the sappy details!

Love, Actually (Everyone should read this but especially those who make a big deal out of Singles Awareness Day! Please.)

DIY Personalized Heart China

Raspberry Rose Mocktail

Valentine’s Day Desktop Wallpapers (I may or may not have put one of these on Carl’s computer…)

The Best Lipstick for Your Skin Tone (Because you should wear lipstick on Valentine’s Day!)

DIY Valentine’s Day Wall Decal

I hope you have a wonderful chocolate-filled weekend!

(Image from We Love It)

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