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Frivolous Friday

Is anybody else with me on this? Seriously, we have one good snow all winter and then as soon as we start getting excited for Spring, it dumps the inches. Thanks Indiana. I’ve been thankful that it’s been a fairly simple week this week so I’ve spent most of my days curled up with our little heater in my office, candle burning, drinking cinnamon tea lattes, just doing my writing thing. It’s nice. 🙂

This weekend, we’re finally slowing down! We’re actually home all weekend long. That hasn’t happened in…. a while. It’s gonna be great! I plan on making cookies and listening to lots of music and maybe cleaning a little bit. And I get to see my Little Birds tomorrow, assuming we don’t get hit with another big snow. Let the happiness ensue!

What are you doing this weekend?

Pool (Ready to listen to my summer jam…)

In The Tiny Triumphs

Beautiful Home in Indy

10 Food Photography Tips (This is for you Olivia. ;))

Dress Your Tech (The kitty tulips are my fav.)

The Only 3 Skincare Ingredients You Really Need

The iPhone Case Winner (Thanks you guys!)

Illustrated Gemstones (Gorgeous printable art. Thanks Brit!)

10 Winter Hobbies

Have an awesome weekend!

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  1. So good!!! they are now pinned so I can come back to them=)

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