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What We’re Eating

Good morning friend! How was your weekend? Mine was lovely. Since we were ish snowed in, I was able to get ahead of the game with work and have lots of time to just chill. So I made cookies and hot chocolate and watched several episodes of Horatio Hornblower. Dearest Carl worked hard on our downstairs bathroom and I’m excited to announce that it’s almost done! I cannot wait to show you!!!

This morning, I was greeted with lovely birdsong and sunshine and it made me wish for Spring even more than I was already. Can you believe that this is the last week of February already? It’s the last week of Monday soup in my kitchen and I’m a little bit sad about that. But we’ll be doing Monday breakfast foods for a bit this Spring. 🙂

Monday: Please May I have Some More Soup
Tuesday: Spinach Artichoke Baked Pasta, Garlic Bread
Wednesday: Pizza Rolls
Thursday: Leftovers
Friday: Breadsticks and Dipping Sauce

What’s on your menu this week? My March menus could still use some ideas!

(Image from French Press Mornings)

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