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Dearest Carl

Age: 24
Current Occupation: IT Technician for Business Management Systems
Favorite Movie: The Hobbit. All of them.
Currently Obsessed With: Making our house as efficient as possible
Looking Forward To: The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies DVD release
Favorite Food: Maple Sausage Links
Quirks: Can spackle like a pro, looks adoringly at babies, will eat pretty much anything (even burnt scrambled eggs), has fallen in love with our cat, still tries to explain IT tech-y stuff to me, gets the motivation to work on projects as soon as we don’t have time.

My husband has brought us so far this past year. With his know-how and hard work, we’ve moved into our first house and he’s been taking care of house projects ever since. Painting, plumbing, electricity, drywall, lawn care, you name it, he does it. It’s such a blessing to me to have an energizer bunny of a man as my husband! I’m looking forward to another year of learning him better and having more adventures!

P.S. Isn’t this picture awesome? Dearest Carl has no trouble being silly and making me laugh. 🙂

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