Frivolous Friday, Life

Frivolous Friday

Friday! This has seriously been a fantastic week over here. For once! We celebrated Dearest Carl’s birthday with DIY stir fry at Mongolian BBQ and homemade crepes with cheesecake filling. We made more progress on the bathroom. I discovered a secret that has helped me put together posts insanely fast. My French press broke and was replaced with a Keurig (EEK!!). We had time to just be together and laugh together and snuggle instead of jumping straight out of bed in the morning. Yes, it was a great week.

Today, after the routine trip to the grocery with Grace, she and I will be heading out lunching and shopping with Rachael and Bekah. Then this weekend holds a birthday party and another recipe shoot with Olivia. And probably lots of coffee. Because I can. Plus the weather people are promising a warm up next week. Spring is coming! Bring it on!

There Goes The Fear

Reduce Stress with Flowers

Orange Olive Oil Body Scrub (Trying this out this weekend!)

Clad and Cloth (Isn’t this a pretty shop?)

The Most Ignored Commandment (This hit me in the face with a 2×4. Not only do I need to work on this myself, but I need to encourage Dearest Carl to do it with me.)

Cucumber Mint Gazpacho (This sounds so good!)

Minimalist Wardrobe Closet Purge

Why We Shouldn’t Forget About #TheDress

Bettye and Charles (I want to be an old couple like them!)

Have a fantastic weekend!

(Image from Attic Treasures)

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