Frivolous Friday, Life

Frivolous Friday

I’m so very glad it’s Friday. This week has been one I would not want to re-live. It’s been all paint, work, paint, work, paint, work, stay up late painting and go to sleep on an air mattress. It could be worse I suppose. We do at least have an air mattress! Plus, I ordered curtains for the bedroom (formerly curtain-less), I got to have lunch with my cousin and her little baby and tonight we’re going on a double date with my parents for Dearest Carl and my dad’s birthdays! So the weekend is looking up. And even though we don’t really have anything on the calendar, I’d still like to run away to the peaceful little cottage above… Doesn’t that sound nice?

There is a Light That Never Goes Out

DIY Raw Crystal Necklace Display (I’m totally making this for our room!)

How to Quit Your Day Job and Become a Food Stylist and Photographer

Color Blocked Chocolate Bark with Edible Flower Sprinkles

Are We Addicted to Stress?

Scandinavian Styling in a Swedish Homestead

How to Wrap a Bouquet of Fresh Flowers

Mini Edible Seder Plate (A cute little activity for kids!)

DIY Aromatherapy Relief Roll-Ons

Have an amazing weekend!

(Image via Julien Douvier)


  1. Casey u should totally become a food stylist:)

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