The Pros and Cons of Freelance Writing

I noticed a year or two ago that working from home has become an Emerald City. As I entered the blogosphere (writing my blog and reading other people’s blogs), I saw the trend of women working from home, making a living from the online world. Working hard writing and making and doing, on their own time and their own schedule. And I decided that that sounded like a pretty good life. So when the opportunity to work for Brit + Co full time came up, it seemed too good to refuse. I get to work from home, easy peasy, right? Well, not so much. Here are a few pros and cons I’ve learned since I started freelance writing full time.

Pro – Since I now work at home, my longest commute is from my bed to my desk. We save money on gas and car repairs now that I only drive my car once or twice a week.
Con – I work from home so there are weeks when I won’t leave the house for three or four days. I can go a little stir crazy. You really know when you find me at Walmart in my dress flats and red lipstick.
Pro – I can have lazy days and wear my pjs all day if I like!
Con – Some days I wear my pjs all day since there is no motivation to put on clothes. I’ve discovered that getting dressed helps me feel focused and like a human being, if I would only do it every day.
Pro – I get to set my own schedule and the B+C editors are amazing enough to work with it. So if I get done on Wednesday, then I get done on Wednesday.
Con – I never get done on Wednesday. Writing is hard work! It takes motivation and brilliancy that I don’t always have. Lately, I’ve had minty gum and iced coffee on standby for those sleepy afternoons when I’d rather read than write posts.
Pro – My office is wherever my computer is. I can work in our bedroom or the living room or the guest room. Currently my desk is set up in our bedroom and I’m kinda loving it here.
Con – Since I work on my computer, work is hard to put away. I’ve only recently been able to put things down on weekends and take a break, but by then I already know what I’m writing about the next week so my mind is running on the to do list. The work/life balance is much more difficult than when I was nannying.
Pro – My schedule is flexible.
Con – Actually, it’s not that flexible. Unfortunately I can’t up and go hang out with girlfriends whenever I’d like. Freelance writing IS a grown up job.
Pro – Since starting freelancing, I’m able to write here on the blog more often. I actually have dreams and goals for this space which is new for me.
Con – I feel like I should be posting here every day but I just don’t have time. Maybe someday?
I started this job thinking it would be all Pinterest and done working by 2pm every day. And it’s so not. Sure, I can have one day like that if I move things around but then I’ll end up writing until 9pm the next day to catch up. It’s a much harder job than I expected it to be. But right now, both Carl and I work from home most of the week and that’s something that not many people have. Oh the joys of being able to linger in bed in the morning, snuggling each other and Charlie, before we go to face the world. It’s definitely a blessing and a good place to be. 
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  1. Hi Casey,

    I know you don't know me, but I really enjoy reading your blog, and being able to see how writing from home works for you. I am interested in doing the same thing, but I don't know where to locate/apply for writing positions. Could you give me a few hints?


  2. Hello Holly! I'm so glad to hear you like the blog! If you're wanting to join the freelancing community, I would suggest contacting people from your favorite websites like Brit + Co, Bustle or Decoist and see if there are any positions available. You can also try sites that post jobs like Elance. Hope that helps and I hope you find success!

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