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A Burt’s Bees Review

I’m always on the hunt for natural and affordable beauty products. I believe that if I’m going to add something to my established beauty routine, I want it to be better for my skin. That being said, I use lots of Burt’s Bees products and I feel like I’m always finding something new and amazing and raving about it here. So I decided to put together a post about the products I’ve used and how well I like them! Deal? 🙂

1. Deep Cleansing Face Wash: I’ve been using this for a couple months and I think my favorite part is the feeling my skin has after I wash my face with it. It just feels and smells so clean! And it works too. 😉

2. Lip Balm: I have to say that I’ve never been a huge fan of the plain ol’ peppermint lip balm but when they started selling these other kinds, I kinda went nuts. I tried pomegranate, blueberry and chocolate, eucalyptus, coconut, and kokum butter in the space of about a month. I’m not sure I have a favorite cause they’re all amazing.

3. Rosewater Toner: For whatever reason, the blogosphere decided that skin care was a huge deal just after the holidays and I kept reading about the benefits of toner. Someone suggested using apple cider vinegar as toner so I thought “Hey! I’ll try that for a month and see if it’s really that amazing.” Conclusion, it is. It helped my acne and overall facial color within two days! However, it smells pretty bad and Dearest Carl complained. Entré la rosewater toner. It smells great, leaves my skin feeling fresh, and while I wouldn’t say it works quite as fast as the apple cider vinegar, it still works! I’m sold.

4. Tinted Lip Balm: This stuff. I cannot rave enough about this stuff. I’ve tried two difference colors and, being a lipstick addict, I’ve fallen hard for both. It applies and sticks like lip balm but it really does add a hint of color to your lips. Perfect for surprise date nights and kissing babies.

5. Blemish Stick: I struggle with acne so I was excited to find this natural solution. It worked really well for about two weeks…. and then decided to quit. But that’s the same story for almost every acne soap and spot treatment I’ve tried. So since it worked great for two weeks, I feel like there’s hope for people with more cooperative skin.

6. Peppermint Foot Lotion: While this works awesome for me, I have to warn you. After you apply, don’t put your hands anywhere near your eyes until you’ve washed them. I forgot the first couple times I used this stuff and I could just forget about perfect mascara that day. Otherwise, it’s great for your feet and keeping them hydrated during the winter.

Okay now it’s your turn. What is your favorite Burt’s Bees product? If you’ve tried any of the products above, what was your impression? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

** This post is purely my own opinion and is not promoting the Burt’s Bees brand. **

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