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What We’re Eating

Isn’t it nice to wake up on a sunny Monday morning? It’s back to the grindstone but at least the skies are blue! How was everybody’s weekend? Mine was oh so relaxing. I even managed to squeeze in a few Dr. Who episodes in between the work and fellowship. But what else is there to do while you’re painting your nails pastel pink?

Being the last week of the month, dinners are a bit sparse. Lots of frozen pizza and we may end up eating toast by the end.

Monday: Salad
Tuesday: Pizza
Wednesday: Sandwich Wraps, Chips and Fruit
Thursday: Pizza
Friday: Gone camping with the siblings-in-law and friends!

I told you this past Friday that last week was a tough one.  Then this morning, while I was looking for a quote to match the picture of my big bowl of strawberries, I ran across this one from Sam Wise. When he and Frodo are climbing the seemingly insurmountable volcano and Sam starts to think back on the Shire. There has all been some point in our lives when we can relate to the hopelessness in his voice and the grief on his face. We don’t even remember what strawberries taste like because we’ve been in darkness for so long. But like in the movie, the darkness won’t last forever… that is, if we give up our burdens to Jesus. Because I’ve discovered that when you do, you can taste strawberries in the middle of a volcano.
And there’s my two cents for your Monday. I hope you have a lovely day, dear reader!

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