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Frivolous Friday

Happy Friday! I hope you all are staying cool. Yesterday I had the pleasure of spending the day in an air conditioned mall with my little sister, but when we got out to the car, I discovered my current favorite lipstick had fallen out of my purse and melted. Not cool Bob. Thankfully it was only $2.

What are your weekend plans? Dearest Carl and I are going to try to get some more prep work done for the patio and Olivia is coming over Sunday afternoon to photograph another recipe! I hope you’re ready!

Because tomorrow night is Pirate Date Night! (Post to come 🙂 )


My phone calls for this

Doesn’t this sound like the perfect breakfast?

Watch this if you have Amazon Prime

I love finding these tips

Super simple

Because Ike and I are besties

Excuse me while I fangirl…

Have a fantastic weekend!

(Image via Grafolio)

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