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A Pirates Date Night

So I know you’re dying to hear all about me and Dearest Carl’s pirate-y date night from this past weekend. You might have even caught a glimpse on Instagram. While it wasn’t anything super fancy, it was pretty fun! We watched The Pirates of Penzance which is an old family favorite of the Watkins and I drummed up a pirate-y dinner!

While I was planning our feast fit for a pirate, I did a little research on what pirates actually ate. I found out that they would have fresh produce and cheese for a little while after making port but from then on, it was salted meat, hard tack and rum. If you’re wondering why, it was because of the expiration date on those things. Things don’t stay fresh when you’re at sea for long periods. 😉

Anyway, I based my menu off my discoveries! We had beef jerky (which is the closest I could get to salted meat), parmesan cheese, ciabatta bread, apples (because that’s what Captain Barbosa eats) and root beer. It was all very tasty and perfect for snacking while we watched our musical pirate movie.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, I love doing themed date nights around movies! I did a special dinner for each of the Hobbit movies when they came out and we’ve also done date nights for Nacho Libre, The Phantom of the Opera and The Princess Bride. If you’ve never had one, you need to! 🙂 I look forward to creating themed family nights with our kids someday too.

So now I’m taking suggestions! What are some good classic movies that you’d love to see made into a date night? I’m open for just about anything!

(Top image from IMDB)


  1. So cool! I love this post=) keep up the good work Casey!!!

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