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What We’re Eating

Good morning almost afternoon! I know I’m late posting today, but I have a good excuse. Yesterday was so so so full of serving and partying with the dads that I was completely exhausted by the time we got home last night. Soooooo I slept in pretty late this morning. Dearest Carl has been up working hard though. Car work is a never ending process, especially when you do everything yourself. I love my handyman. πŸ™‚

This week is one good thing after another, ending with fireworks on Saturday. So while the menu is simple, it’s a good one! Let’s do this!

Monday: Cheese and Crackers
Tuesday: Pizza
Wednesday: Chicken Salad Wraps and Chips
Thursday: Chips and Guac and we’re going to see Inside Out so there will be popcorn πŸ˜‰
Friday: Babysitting some of the sweetest kids in the world!

What are you eating this week? Vacation recipes? Grilling tips? I wanna hear them all!

(Image via I’ve Struck Gold)

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